Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


Having the Chic&Craft pilot experience already behind us, and having the advantage to be part of a unique, creative and peer learning empowered process, indeed left us not only memories but traces for taking further action in our everyday professional life.
It is not just about creativity, new possibilities or awareness about recycling. The unique, six-months lasting pilot experience improved our awareness about the fact of “second chance”. Learning environment that supports the idea of long-life learning goes hand in hand with the option to adapt the learning environment to each specific learning group.

First things first…when planning and in the end also conducting such a training in your own organisation, we believe there are some things to be taken care of in order to achieve the best possible outcome and benefits it brings along. We strongly recommend few easy steps before starting:

  1. Explore the interest/previous experience/knowledge of your future learning team.
    2. Explain the purpose and motivate.
    3. Always leave the door open for new suggestions (may they come from participants or mentors)

It is good to know whether future participants already have some previous experience – if so, keeping the good spirit and motivation to learn something new, should be adapted to the latter (start with item that evokes interest). Our experience in conducting peer learning/support exercises is the following (and can be used only optional, as it is the mentor/teacher who should decide what works best after knowing the possible obstacles that might occur within the learning team): chose the exercise according to time schedule of the training, obstacles that might occurred during the training or before the actual start, etc. Whatever you do, always leave the door open the basic idea. It is about creativity, fun, combating obstacles and enjoying in learning new things.