Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


Valakupiu Rehabilitation Centre had the promotional multiplier event of Chic&Craft project on 28th of June. Chic&Craft project is an on-line training platform for people with disabilities that targets to use second hand or used materials to create handcraft items such as clothes, accessories and jewelries.
During this project – in which we have witnessed even a simple plastic bag could turn into something beautiful and meaningful – our mentors and teachers worked hard to help participants to create precious items from used and waste materials. And, during the multiplier event, we have seen that the results were the proof of the hard work being worth it.

The event started with an introduction presentation of project coordinator of VRC Marija Markina. After she has gave fundamental information about the project, web platform and done activities, fashion sessions teacher Nijole Suslavičiūtė presented and demonstrated her part in pilot experience - what she have done and created with project participants during the workshops and sessions. She basically explained what they created, which materials they have used and what techniques they have followed.
After this technical presentation, the physiologist of Kaunas department - Asta Budvytienė - peer to peer coordinator had presentation about learning toolkit and made few exercises together with our guests during the event. She had a small workshop in which she tested the concentration and listening skills of participants by giving them a piece paper to fold and cut with their eyes closed. The result was individually different even though all the instructions given were same for all. The second workshop was about to understand themselves by defining what they want or feel in which she has given everyone a piece of bread to smell, touch and eat. As the results were different to one to one, the idea of our senses can be changes and directed due to what we concentrate on.

After this informing and educating sessions, it was time to demonstrate all what we have created during this project. Since this project and the products were mostly fashionable items, we decided to do the demonstration as a “fashion show” with red carpet to present all products where our colleagues and some of our clients become models and introduced all the clothes, accessories and jewelries that have been produced by our clients.

The event continued with auction in which participants were able to purchase the items that they desire by having a lovely completion to increase the price to be the winner. We are happy to say that major amount of our products were liked and purchased by some of the participants and we sold more than half of our products.
Together with VRC employees and clients we had around 50 participants and it was so great ! We were so lucky, because this day the weather was wonderful and in the end of event we had coffee/tea and sweets with all of our clients, participants and colleagues on terras... Unfortunately, during event only one client who finished pilot experience had an opportunity to participate, but anyway Vilma showed her job - dress from trousers and she agreed to speech - it was wonderful - she was so appreciated for all organizers and teachers and for possibility to be a part of this project!
Also we are lucky to inform you, that during this event we had the guest from social platform “Aš galiu” (eng. “I can”) who disseminated all this event with explanation about the idea of the project on this platform. There you can find the link Of course it is on Lithuanian language, but anyway you can see the result of the event and some pictures from it. It was very informative, promotional multiplier event as a final result of Chic&Craft project in Lithuania.