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You need time and organizational skills to organize a pop-up store. First, you have to have a clear idea of what you want to do: which kind of audience do you want to reach, which products you want to show/sell, how many time the pop-up store is going to be open, etc. 

One of the main decisions to be taken is… where to organize it? A pop-up store can be organized wherever you want! Nowadays, in most of the cities you can find many co-working spaces where this kind of stores can be organized, even for free. There are also many bars that use to host exhibitions and pop-up stores, an attractive place to enter, take something and see if you like something. Also your organization can host a pop-up store, you can take the opportunity to organize an open day and show your work to the people in your town or city. 


Then, you have to promote the event. This is one of the most important things; as you are going to use a space that normally is not a shop you have to inform people in advance, so everybody knows that a shop is available there. To do this, social media can be your best friend! Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… upload as much information as possible and try to make it appeal and funny. Also you can include promotions like a happy hour with special discounts or 3x2 in some products. 

Try to create a beautiful and different space. A pop-up store should be something magic, special, not a conventional shop. Just put yourself into the customers’ shoes and try to imagine what you would like to find. Somebody can play life music or you can show pictures/videos of the “how it is done” of some of the products.

And finally… cross your fingers! You never know what people are looking for, so sometimes it is just a question of luck to success with your pop-up store. Try to enjoy all the process and give the best of you and your team