Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


During the last months, the Chic & Craft team has been working really hard to develop the fashion designing training course: we managed to develop 53 training units! 53 beautiful, recycled, original and easy to do garments explained in a very detailed way that includes simple graphics and photos of the process.

Moreover, we have developed a guide to train the peer mentors which will collaborate with the professionals during the fashion training course. It includes 50 exercises to train-reinforce abilities as leadership, communication, self-confidence, concentration, motivation and team working. The exercises are based on group dynamics and guided self-reflection. We expect that these materials will help to empower the people we work for and realize that they are a valuable part of our society. We are now in the process of supervising everything and translating the materials into national languages to be ready for the starting of the pilot courses in the five countries’ organizations by autumn this year.