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Turning theory into practice: The upcoming Trainers Training

As we could read in the previous blog post “How is the manual going?” the Chic & Craft team has been actively working in the last months on the development of the manual, contributing, supervising, translating and… preparing themselves to train the international colleagues!


In the beginning of autumn the project consortium and the experienced trainers will meet in the beautiful town of Toro in the region of Castilla-León, Spain, and will test, train and support the other colleagues in the base of the units developed. The week will be a well-balanced mix of creative working and enhancing the knowledge and experience in the idea of peer support. 

The aim behind this training is the preparation of the pilot course in each country in order to start with the target group when back home. So organizing the travel to Spain and collecting the needed material to be upcycled and turned into new products is the issue the Chic & Craft team is currently dealing with and we will of course share with you the photos of this interesting training with even more interesting results we are going to produce.